The Post and Courier has built an award-winning six-person investigative and public service team that provides impactful, compelling stories that make a definable difference in the lives of all South Carolinians. 

Together with the communities we serve, we have fostered a culture of watchdog reporting. In addition to the stories we publish, we actively engage with readers through in person and online forums and discussions. Additionally, in 2022, we offered classes on Freedom of Information access as well as a Citizens Toolkit to empower the public.

Our team of journalists from every beat and discipline are engaged in work that holds government officials accountable, exposes issues of critical concern and gives a voice to readers with challenges that need resolution. These articles have had measurable effects and led to improved conditions in the communities we serve.


Corruption has flourished in South Carolina as newspapers close and shrink, creating news deserts and ghost papers across the Palmetto State. It’s part of a national trend that has deprived hundreds of communities of a vital watchdog of taxpayer dollars and democracy.

The Post and Courier’s latest project, “Uncovered,” was launched to fill that void, particularly in small towns where officials receive less scrutiny. To date, 18 community newspapers or news organizations have partnered with us to investigate potential abuses of power, misuse of taxpayer dollars and reports of misconduct. Our team of six senior investigative reporters are dedicated to working with community journalists to ensure transparent and impactful news coverage.

We will continue to publish these stories in tandem with our community partners so that information can reach the widest possible audience. All of these stories will be available to our readers and theirs without a fee or subscription. Our goal is to shine the brightest light possible on conduct that is holding our state back, benefiting the few at the expense of the many.


  • Seen a corrupt sheriff in Colleton County plead guilty for misconduct we helped expose.

  • Uncovered $2.9 million in ethics fines owed by elected officials.

  • Identified alleged ethical breaches at the S.C. Governor’s School.

  • Shined light on a public official whose company excavated millions of dollars in sand from a future park in Awendaw, SC, that the town can’t find money to build.

  • Exposed public servants that help themselves to taxpayers’ money.

  • Revealed that a former judge had presided over foreclosure cases in which his family repeatedly won dozens of properties at real estate auctions. The state’s chief justice later barred him from handling these cases.



John Ramsey

Watchdog & Public Service Reporter

Thad Moore

Watchdog & Public Service Reporter

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Eva Herscowitz

Investigative Fellowship Reporter

Tony Bartelme

Senior Project Reporter

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Clare Fieseler

Watchdog & Public Service Reporter