For nearly 220 years, The Post and Courier has served as a record of history for South Carolina. Our impactful journalism provides the Palmetto State with deep-dive, investigative reporting that is pivotal to understanding the needs of our communities, as well as to advocate for sustainable changes that enhance our quality of life.

The Post and Courier’s longevity is a shared success with our readers. For over two centuries we’ve partnered with the community to inform, educate, entertain and empower. Continuously updating our business model to uphold the transparent, quality news our readers expect and trust is paramount to our mission. 

To ensure the sustainability of our solutions-based journalism, we launched The Post and Courier Public Service and Investigative Reporting Fund. Together with the support of our donors, we’re giving a voice to those who have been marginalized, holding the powerful accountable and protecting our environment.


The Post and Courier Public Service and Investigative reporting fund shines a light on injustice, uncovers corruption and holds the powerful accountable while identifying best practices in our state that can be shared and replicated for the benefit of all our citizens. Our main areas of focus are Investigative Journalism, Education and Climate.

"So very, very impressed with The Post
and Courier. A free press stands as a
primary safeguard of democracy."

- Sally Domm

"This is a challenging time for real journalists – those that believe in honest and fair and critical reporting. We are grateful to all of the hard work that The Post and Courier team does. Without you, who would hold up a mirror to injustice?"

- Glenda Wetzel

"The Investigative Fund gives power to those of us who have no power. It helps us be part of the solution. The public can’t do this on their own. We have to hold people accountable for the offices they’ve been elected to."

- Rob Dewey

"What I like about the paper is the in-depth analysis of the topics. With other media, you get a short and sometimes glorified approach. I want the whole story. Where do you get that if the local paper doesn’t do it?"

- Ned Higgins

"Thanks for calling the rascals
out good work, keep it up."

- Harry Polychron

"Our democracy is dependent on the role of the news to denounce fraud and corruption. South Carolina has a complex history, and I know things go on behind closed doors. I saw that The Post and Courier was uncovering these issues, and I saw their appeal for donations – it spoke to my heart and it’s worth our support."

- Sandy Morckel